A personal health and wellness plan will be established together.  The goals and methods of achieving those goals will be guided by you and may include:

  • Decreasing stress and anxiety
  • Finding inner peace, balance, and harmony
  • Finding and achieving a life purpose
  • Coping with unchangeable circumstances
  • Pain management (physical and emotional)
  • Motivation to achieve life goals
  • Finding self love and improving self esteem
  • Releasing of emotional connections to unhealthy circumstances
  • Improving personal connection in relationships

Underlying theoretical models such as Model of Human Occupation, Kawa River Model, and Canadian Model of Occupational Performance will be utilized to address the areas of concern.  The process will involve exploring various performance patterns including habits, routines, and roles that impact functional ability, health, and well-being.  At all times, the focus remains on YOU with an aim to be active partners in achieving your goals.  To learn more about sessions and packages available with pricing, click here.