About Liz DeFinnis Wellness

About Liz DeFinnis Wellness

I have been an occupational therapist for about 10 years with experience working with patients and clients in a variety of settings.  One commonality with the majority of the settings in which I have worked is that the care is always focused on rehabilitation after an incident, illness, injury, etc.  I have found many of my patients, clients, and even friends have a significant need for the integration of wellness and preventative approaches to encourage the achievement of balance and harmony of the mind and body.  As an integrative medicine practitioner specializing in holistic health and as a certified health and wellness coach I will guide you on a journey to prevent, cope, and recover from the stresses presented in life.

My goal is to assist you to identify barriers to self discovery and harmony.   Through a holistic approach of addressing the mind and body as one interconnected entity we can find the underlying concerns that are preventing the achievement of true inner wellness.

I have a BS in psychology, MS in occupational therapy, and a PhD in psychology.  I am trained in relaxation, meditation, guided imagery, and aromatherapy.  I am also working towards becoming an NSHC certified health coach.

I am currently a full time instructor at Keiser University in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program.  I also work PRN as a home health occupational therapist and I am in private practice in Palm Bay, FL.  I offer one to one consult sessions as well as one to one consulting packages to assist you in reaching your wellness goals.  Services can be provided by phone, Vsee (a confidential video chat platform easily accessible by computer or smart phone), or in person.  Please contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment at 570-854-3022 or lizdefinnis@gmail.com.  I may also be reached by clicking here.

I look forward to working together to start your journey to achieving balance and holistic harmony in your life!