Following the Path

The other day I wrote a post about how the universe very carefully placed breadcrumbs on a winding path leading us to our newest chapter in Florida.   A sequel to that story is most definitely in order, as the path of bread crumbs continued even after all of that craziness!

One thing I left out of that story, was that I had also applied and set up an interview for a teaching position at a University down in Melbourne, FL.  I had that interview set up for about 1 month after the day I was offered the job I would later accept in Lake City, FL.  Despite the fact I was diligently working my way through completing my PhD to achieve my dream of teaching at a University, the timing of that job was just not working out.  We were, after all, making the move to Florida to provide opportunities for our family – and that job I was offered in Lake City provided us all the opportunity we could have dreamt of at that time! I reluctantly cancelled the interview with with the University and excitedly accepted the position in Lake City!

Once we arrived to Florida, life went on as anyone could expect!  I was busy with work and school, my husband found work, the kids started attending an amazing daycare!  We made friends and I truly felt like friends became family!  The support system we built in just a short year was unbelievable!

Just over a year later, I had an e-mail come across for that very same position at the University in Melbourne.  They were hiring again!  I couldn’t believe it – and man was I torn about what to do!  We had grown to love our home in Lake City, but it was my dream to teach!  Although it seemed crazy, I felt like I was being drawn to apply again for that position.

Life was crazy at that time as I had a tight deadline for school and was managing a full time caseload of patient’s as an OT at my job in Lake City.  Now, I needed to prepare for one of the biggest interviews of my lifetime!  The interview for the position was really a series of interviews and a teaching demonstration that were to be completed in a single day.  Everything went great and about a week later I was offered the job and we had a decision to make!

See, although the bread crumbs led me to this job – it was difficult to determine if we followed the path correctly.  This path meant we had to leave the new family of friends, the financial security we found in Lake City, and the daycare where the boys found love and kindness.  It would mean moving 3.5 hours from our first Florida home and putting a lot of faith in a budget that would hopefully result in us being able to make ends meet.

With the loving support of my husband, we decided to take the leap of faith and chase my dream of teaching!  We made some pretty big life decisions, such as buying a house to save money on what we were paying in rent, but we did it together and went all in!  In most cases, it is often difficult to tell if the correct decision has been made for a while and this was no exception!

It took several weeks until my husband could find work.  While fortunately he was able to remain working at his old position in Lake City, it meant my husband would remain in Lake City during the week for several weeks until he started a new position in Melbourne.  I found myself trying to juggle a new job where I was teaching a class for the first time, unpacking an entire house, taking on care for our boys full time, and helping our boys adjust to their new school, house, and community.  As we all know it takes a village and so fortunately my mom was able to fly down for about 2 weeks to help us get settled and push through some of the unpacking!

Although it has taken some time to decide if the decision was right for our family, I did know that the job itself felt right for me!  I LOVED teaching!  It felt amazing having an opportunity to work with students and shape their education in a positive way to help them achieve their dreams of being an Occupational Therapy Assistant!  I knew if for no other reason, this job felt right because there was a chance I was a bread crumb being placed in the path of some of my students.

Following a path of bread crumbs can be confusing.  The path is never clear and it is difficult to know which way to go with long distances between crumbs.  I find the most challenging part is when the path begins to lead you in a direction that seems opposite of where you thought you were meant to be heading.  We always have the ability to make our own decisions on which direction to go, but resisting the path you were meant to follow often leads to trying times.  Many times a path is short, but the lesson along the path is powerful.  That powerful lesson is now tucked away as you continue to look for the next bread crumb.

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