The Universe

In the last 4 years I have spent many, many (maybe even too many) hours reading books, listening to audiobooks.  Immersing myself into a world of positivity.  I first fell in love with self-help books when I heard the term personal development as a Beachbody coach in May 2015.  It came at a time in my life I didn’t even know I needed it…but MAN did I!?  It changed my life and my reaction to events in my life FOREVER.

I believe in God; however, I know some do not have a term or phrase but simply believe in a higher power that guides us.  Despite my own beliefs in God, I have sometimes found it easier to connect with the message in various books when a more nonspecific term is used, like universe.  For this reason, I will use the word universe to discuss the higher being, power, karma, etc.

My life has truly always been a whirlwind, but it seemed to spin even faster out of control January 2016.  I had been fully immersed into personal development and my Beachbody team for about 9 full months at that point which put a lot of powerful, self-help knowledge in my tool belt!  The year began strong and was just amazing as my family and I were getting ready to set out on a trip to Disney in early January!  Despite the tight finances, we decided we needed to live life too and we just went for it!  When we arrived in Florida, I couldn’t help but feel this sorrow about halfway through the trip as I knew we would need to return home.  I hated the idea of leaving the warm weather, sunshine, green landscape, and the opportunity for my boys to play outside any time of the year!  We would be returning to freezing cold weather in Pennsylvania, where it is often very cold well into April or May.

It was during this trip to Disney I would have my very first opportunity to have faith in the fact that the universe does indeed put signs in our path; however, it is not always easy to see the sign when you are not looking!  I received an e-mail from a job recruiter while we were still on our trip.  As an occupational therapist, I am sure my fellow therapists can agree, I can get anywhere from 2-20 e-mails or phone calls a day from job recruiters.  For some reason, I felt drawn to this e-mail so I decided to open it up and see what the job was all about!  It turned out, this particular job was located in Vero Beach, FL – a small beach town about about 2 hours south east of Disney.

Fast forward about a week, we returned home to Northeastern, PA.  As any typical working family, we returned to work as soon as we returned home.  After only a few days back to work, my husband received the news that he would be losing his current position.  At any point, job changes can be stressful and overwhelming to a family.  Our current situation was that he worked full-time and carried all the benefits for me, our two sons, and my two step-sons.  I was working a part-time job, 3 days a week, and on an as needed basis on the weekends.  This setup made the most sense financially because of the outrageous cost of sending two kids to daycare full time!  But now, this setup left only one part-time income for our family to live on.

So, back to that job in Vero Beach!  Despite the difficult financial situation we were facing with my husband’s job, I had landed a phone interview and decided to focus my energy and excitement on that!  To speed up this story a bit, I was offered that position but was unable to take it due to time constraints on both ends (they needed someone to start right away and we needed to sell the house, pack, find new childcare, find a new house, etc.!).  This job opened up my eyes to the amazing job opportunities we would have in Florida!  We began searching for jobs both at home in PA as well as in many locations in Florida.  Eventually, I found a position in Lake City, FL that offered the financial stability and opportunities we needed! By the end of May, just 5 months after that vacation in Disney, we packed up our entire life and moved 15 hours south!  It was CRAZY…and also so, so amazing!

Why do I share this story?  What does this story have to do with the universe?  Well…the universe gave us so many signs but it may have been easy to overlook things if I had a different mindset.  I can remember my husband walking in the door and telling me about his job…I mean I can really remember everything from that moment.  I was calm.  I felt no fear.  I am generally a very uptight, type A personality, planner type of person…so for an unexpected event like this to happen and for me to feel calmness come over me it is just crazy!  I am still amazed at it…but I just knew there were plans for us.  I knew things would work out and we would be okay.  We had to make changes and sacrifices and we most definitely had to have faith many, many times to survive those months.  We spent hours analyzing job markets, housing markets, safe neighborhoods, and pro and con lists to make the best decision for ourselves and our family.  In the end, faith pulled us through and we found our new home, new jobs, and lots of new friends in Lake City, FL.  ❤️

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