3 Rules to Writing an Affirmation

I always hear about all these benefits to writing affirmations…but I never could quite figure out: What is a “good” affirmation?

I few months ago, I had bought a new business planner that I was super excited to start using a as a motivator to push through my business challenges with intentional goals to build my business!  In the front of the planner, there was a section for my affirmations.  As a perfectionist, it was painful trying to think about what I would write there that would be the “perfect” thing to represent my first positive thoughts to go into my brand spankin’ new business planner!

So…I set out to figure out what the heck an affirmation was.  This ties in very closely with what I wrote about in my last article and has a whole lot to do with loving yourself!  I found the best aspirations for me, personally, were those that hit home with things I was most insecure about!

If writing an affirmation sounds complex or too abstract for your liking, follow these 3 rules to write an affirmation that really speaks to you!  After all, the purpose of an affirmation is to get yourself feeling positive and motivate you to take on your dreams and goals!


Rule #1: Use Your Thoughts to Shape the Affirmation

Ask yourself one of these basic questions, and the first thing that pops in your head should be the focus of the affirmation!  

a. If someone is looking at you, what do you think?

b. Why have you not chased your dream?

c. What is your biggest fear?

Once you have an answer to one of those questions, turn the negative or scary thought around!  For example: 

a. I feel like they are judging my outfit…and that I do not look good in these pants.

Turn this around into I love myself and I feel good!  

b. I will never be able to __________.  I don’t have the time, money, space, etc.

Change your thoughts here to I will _______________. (PERIOD) – no excuses to follow!

c. My biggest fear is losing my job, family members etc.

A great way to face a fear with an affirmation is to reframe it into feeling thankful for having an opportunity to even have that fear!  For example: I am so grateful to have been provided the opportunity to be a mother to my little boys.  

Rule #2: Don’t Think!

It is so easy to get lost in thought and over analyze what makes a good affirmation for you.  One of the best things to do, is not over think it!  As you go through your thoughts in rule #1 be sure to allow your mind to freely express your thoughts!  Overthinking and analyzing leads to burying your real thoughts, emotions, and fears!  You can still write an affirmation that way, but it won’t be as meaningful and motivating to you!  

Rule #3: Write It Down

Always write down your affirmations!  You can use a notebook, planner, scrap of paper, sticky note, notepad on your phone, anything!  Just write it down!  Having a great place to keep your affirmations can be helpful on a particularly challenging day!  If you find yourself feeling negative in any way, you always have those affirmations to look back at to lift you up and motivate you once again!  


At the end of the day, there is no wrong way to write an affirmation!  As long as it is a positive, motivating thought for your – it is golden!  Now, get writing!!! 

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