Living In the Shadows

As I sat here in the early morning light I decided to read through some of my previous posts. As I had already thought about my Saturday and all the things I “needed to do”, I came across this post and it seemed just perfect! It is a great reminder to just SLOW DOWN sometimes…

Liz DeFinnis

Do you ever feel like you are just living in the shadows?  Catching a glimpse of sunlight you can find in between the shade provided by the trees on a sunny day?  Sure, an open street with only a few trees here or there may provide full exposure to the sunlight…allowing you to soak up the suns energy…but what about those very shady tree lined streets?  You stay cool and keep moving faster as you feel great walking in the shadows cast down by the trees!  They are shielding you from the suns harsh rays on a hot, sunny day. As you scurry from shadow to shadow on that walk to hurry through the spots where you feel the suns heat, have you ever thought about what you may be missing through the rush?

Imagine that in one of those sunny areas a beautiful flower is creeping up through a…

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