Perception of Perfectionism

There is no surprise when I say we are all attempting to survive a world of faux perfectionism.  Twenty years ago this was visible in media as we knew it at that time – movies, magazines, television.  Today, it is in our face day in and day out when we look at social media.

The Perfect Parent

Picture perfect viewpoints of a baby and their three-year-old sibling giving them hugs and kisses in a picture perfect background of a home.  There are not pictures posted of that same three-year-old having a complete 15 minute meltdown just minutes before the picture because they did not get the blue colored plate they wanted when they were served lunch!!

The Perfect Couple

We all know these posts!  The pictures of happy, loving couples showing each other how much they mean to one another through a fancy picture kissing, eating dinner, at a concert, etc.  Maybe even one of those posts that thanks the significant other for being such an amazing support by       (fill in the blank)    .

Perception is Everything

Is it nice that we have social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. to show our beautiful families, loving relationships, successful moments in time?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  It can be a great outlet and allows many people to stay in touch with friends and family that we may otherwise lose contact with due to the crazy busy lives we all live!

Unfortunately, many of us have a distorted ability when it comes to perceiving the posts of other individuals on these types of sites.  Instead of seeing the positive picture as a snapshot in time in that other individual’s crazy life we begin see that EVERYONE is painting a picture of their amazing life!  The Pinterest happy parent doing crafts for each an every holiday, the loving husband expressing his love through a trail of rose petals in the house to a nice large bouquet of flowers, the little kids posing “perfectly” for a “selfie” during an especially adorable play time activity…the list goes on!  The thing is, when we should be feeling happy for that individual who likely has been through a moment of stress in time, as we all go through quite frequently, it is easy to being to feel envy.  Envy for the picture perfect life we are perceiving them to have by looking at that one snapshot in time!

In a way, we are being judgmental and biased in how we view that individual.  Unfortunately though when we scroll through our social media site of choice it is easy to get caught up in the long list of “picture perfect” snapshots we see!  Rarely, do we see something that makes us think “Oh, wow!  Their house is messy just like mine!  It is nice to see they live in their house as well!”.

Changing Our Perception

Changing our perception of others is one of the healthiest things we can do for our own well-being!  There is nothing wrong with what others are sharing, as long as we do not take it for face value!  We must be able to see the good in our own life, build our own story of how we perceive ourselves – and in turn realize we also have those “picture perfect” moments in time!  We also are present for the tantrums, fights, difficult financial tensions, losses, and the millions of other stressful, emotional situations that can present themselves as a part of every day life.  The key is to be kind, be present, and be aware of our perception of happiness!  Like the old saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”….but in this case happiness is in the mind of the perceiver.  Be careful you take in the right message and remain aware of your own happiness!  Happiness is not something you can be given, have, or find…it is a state of mind you must be open to achieving and perceiving!

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