Mind Free to Wander

A wandering path appears to provide a less than opportune method of traveling.  A path that requires twists and turns takes more time and effort to get from point A to point B.  A straight line is the more efficient method of travel.  So, what is the best method?  

A winding body of water such as a river or stream appears to wind, twist, and turn in many directions with little effort.  At times it almost looks peaceful as it runs in the direction it has since carved through the land.  Despite the peaceful flow, there was a time during the creation of the path, that the water had to work hard to create a way to get from the origin to the destination.  The work put forth creates a path of easy, peaceful flow for the remaining time of the flowing water’s existence.  

In life, there are many approaches to building a lifestyle of optimal design for each individual.  The design itself is even unique, to what each individual desires to have as a key component to success.  This makes a holistic, individualized approach to lifestyle design optimal for ensuring a peaceful flow throughout the span of life.  

Our society’s current lifestyle of rushing and fixing issues after they have occurred is not conducive to creating a path of peaceful travel.  Supporting wellness and preventing issues from developing through optimization of physical, time, and emotional balance is the key to inner peace.  The path of life will certainly wind, twist, and turn with the presence of many large and small obstacles along the way; however, setting out on the journey without a peaceful flow will fill the journey with turmoil.  Providing the mind time to wander, dream, and feel at peace through a foundation of balance will provide the best method for traveling on the path of life.  

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