Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me…Happy birthday to me!  Happy birthday dear meeeee….Happy birthday to me!  

Yes…I just sang MYSELF happy birthday!  What a wonderful day….it has always been (and likely always will be) my favorite holiday!  Does that sound a little selfish?  Yes…maybe.  But it is the truth and we are all about truth here!  

While many people focus on the negative fact that a birthday results in adding another year, I choose to see it more as gaining an additional year of wisdom, experiences, and spreading love. Every day, month, year is full of opportunities to learn and be better than we ever thought we could be!  So I say, embrace that! Aim to do those things you never thought were possible, because if you don’t try then they certainly never will be possible!  

The years seem to fly by, but I work to make the most of each and every day— making the days worth it and the years successful in the process.  As I enter my 32 year, I can truly say I feel I have made the valiant effort to make the most out of each and every day for at least the last few years.  

Prior to a few years ago, I would say my focus was less on positivity and making the most of things and more on being critical.  Making the mindful shift to positive thinking and a positive approach in life has most certainly made a huge impact on all aspects of my life.  I have found myself experiencing more success and feeling less stress and anxiety when things may not necessarily go the way I “planned” for them to play out!  Writing goals and having aspirations is a huge part of achieving success, but a positive mindset and open mind about the plan to achieve those goals and aspirations can make the difference in your quality of life!  

Over the past five years, I have worked and worked to achieve many of my life aspirations.  While it began five years ago, when I made a vision board 3 years ago it sparked the true achievement of my goals!  When revisiting the vision board just one year later many of my goals were achieved!  Just putting my goals out there, writing them down and making them real helped guide me to make the right steps in order to make things happen!  Since that time, I feel like I have been unstoppable!  

Today is my birthday…and I am so excited to say I am also officially only a few days away from completing my PhD!  This journey to earn my degree has been long and painful at times, but the learning experience along the way has completely been worth it!  I know keeping my mindset positive and working toward all of my goals will keep me on the path for future success in building my blog, writing a book, and becoming published in the academic realm.  I look forward to see what my future brings as I continue pursuing my dreams! 

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