2017 recap…2018 intentions



It is crazy to think I have taken a sabbatical from writing for almost an entire year!  Although so many amazing things were in the works during this time…I miss the writing and reflection that comes with it!

In 2017, I planned a year of hard work that would result in success.  Simplifying life, renewing health, and following my heart and dreams.  We managed to move twice…yes TWICE in 2017.  The second move was a relocation to Palm Bay, FL.  This was a three and a half hour move away from our initial Florida home in Lake City.  Although the move was sparked by landing my dream job teaching full time, it meant leaving our Lake City family.  This decision did not come lightly, but was ultimately the opportunity of a lifetime we could not pass up!

There is just something about writing down the plans for a year and having the opportunity to look back on them a year later!  Seeing what I had planned for 2017 I can say some things were a complete success…while others will still remain a focus for 2018!

Last year I wrote:

“2017 will be a year of hard work and success.  Life will be more busy, but simpler in many ways.  Simplifying every day, week, month, and ultimately the year by decluttering, organizing, and planning.  In the past, just doing these three things would lead to stress and anxiety…but not anymore!  Letting go is now going to be a daily habit.  As hard as it can be sometimes, it also gives a fantastic feeling of accomplishment!”

I truly plan to continue this in 2018!  Our new home has a fantastic 1200 square feet…meaning organization is the ONLY way to survive!  I still struggle with letting things go, but this needs to remain a focus in order to not drown in all of our “things”.  Experiencing moments and creating memories with my family is by far more important than collecting things!

My planner and goal writer are full this year and I cannot wait to pick back up and continue with my writing as a part of my personal goals for 2018!  This will be the year I officially complete my PhD and move forward with my professional goals with teaching.  My oldest “baby” will begin Kindergarten this year, so there will be so many exciting changes for us as a family!

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