Dreamers versus Realists

We often hear “there are two kinds of people” in relation to a variety of comparisons.  Planners and wingers, Type A and Type B personalities, those that fill a gas tank at half full and those that roll into a gas station on fumes, etc.  This list can go on and on…

In general, there are two types of people in regards to the way they approach life.  Maybe there are more than two types, but I see two.  There are dreamers and realists.  Dreamers are always dreaming of more, thinking of the future, striving to reach for the stars with all that they do.  While being a dreamer is great for life motivation, being a dreamer can also lead to feelings of discontent and stress trying to constantly reach to the next level or goal. Realists are generally very real about their world, their life, and how they are living it.   Although being a realist does not mean there will be no advancement or strive to reach goals in life, they tend not to push themselves much beyond the comfort level of where they currently are to reach those goals.  So, which one are you?

To the Dreamers:

I am truly a dreamer down to my core.  There are so many ways in which I would love to be more of a realist…to stand still and just enjoy the moment of who I am and what I am doing…but that is simply not in my nature!  I often find my brain spinning…trying to figure out how to finish my dissertation, write my book proposal, finish the book, continue with blog posting and developing my brand, and ultimately achieving my dream of being a full time writer, life coach, and college instructor one day.  It is difficult to manage all of these dreams that I have as well as all of the things that I want to do while still raising my two little boys, being a good wife, and working full time at a job I do love.  It can be so overwhelming!

So, when I find myself spinning I just think maybe I need to be real for just a moment.  I need to see what I have right now…right now I am blessed to have this full time job.  A job that I love and provides money so that I can live a life that I love with my family.  I am also so fortunate to have a supportive and loving husband.  He has supported me as I continue to go through school these last three years…and even now as I continue on with completing my dissertation.  I am also so blessed to have two little boys who I spend as much time as possible with because they are just growing up too fast!  I also have a wonderfully supportive family that has helped me reach my goals to this day to be the person that I am.

So I challenge you to be real today and a little every single day!  Dreaming can be a great thing.  It brings you hope for future things to come and motivation to get yourself to that point.  Dreaming can also take you through a whirlwind of a life that you float on through and do not experience all of the wonders along the way!  My focus each day is to take at least a few minutes to think about the experiences of the day.  What happened? What did I see?  How did I feel?  I give myself a few minutes to answer those questions and take in the answers.  Writing these experiences in a gratitude journal can be a great way to tuck away those experiences to make memories.  After all, one day memories will be what we have of all of our life moments and we want to be sure we actually remember the experiences we had!  Not just a blur of fast forward images in our mind.  So dreamers be real!

To the Realists:

I commend you realists for being so real and honest with yourself!  I am not able to express much personal experience as a realist, because as I noted above I am a dreamer.  I can say that I know many realists, including my husband who I love more than anything!  I think this is one of the reasons we are so perfect together!  He encourages my dreaming…keeps our life in check as I’m out floating around among my millions of dreams!  He is able to work and come home and enjoy just being…existing…living in this world.  He is not always caught up in the drive to do more; however, that is not to say he isn’t motivated to be his very best every day!

My husband is truly amazing.  There are so many times I come home a little late from work and he has the house cleaned, dishes washed, kids ready for bed, and maybe even vacuumed a little!  I always marvel at the fact he could possibly complete all of those things in just an hour or two!  But see, that is the great thing about a realist!  They are doers!  While it would take me an hour to make a to do list and dream about how perfect I want each corner of the house to look before actually jumping in and doing it…he is already done!

While realists are wonderful, productive individuals that really keep this world moving…I have a challenge for you too!  Dream!  Take a few minutes a day and dream about what you want.  What are you currently doing in your life that you are content with, but not actually happy with doing.  Take out a journal, or just a sheet of paper will do, and write down your dreams.  Answer these 3 questions: What makes you happy?  What do you love about your life?  Where do you see your life in 5 years?  Now that you have the dreamer part of your brain working…keep going!  In a journal write down every day what you loved about that day and what you would love to add to your day to make it even better in the future!  Realists…go dream!

Together We Make the World Go Round

In the title of this post it almost seems as if dreamers and realists are in a battle; however, is completely the opposite of the truth!  Together, dreamers and realists make this world a wonderful place!  Just like my husband and I, dreamers and realists together make magic!  Embrace who you are at heart and strive to be the best you.  Striving to understand and put yourself in the shoes of the opposite type of person will help you grow.  The more that I practice realist activities the happier I am and more I am able to achieve the dreams that I have!


PS…I would LOVE to hear from you!  I want to know what you think about this post..do you agree?  Do you disagree?  Why?  Send me your thoughts and I would love to know how then challenges worked for you!  ❤️


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