Extra Marshmallows…yes, please!

I recently had a quiet day (I know…this doesn’t sound right!  haha I think lasted about 30 min…but I take what I can get!!!) where settling down with a cup of hot chocolate just seemed necessary!  As we all typically are…I am watching what I am eating.  Trying to make some healthier decisions to make sure that I am taking the best possible care of my body.  So although I LOVE a gourmet cup of hot chocolate with all the accessories like marshmallows and whipped cream…I know being healthy sometimes means a little compromise…or should we say some bargaining to find a balance!

The thing is….I have to bargain and balance things all the time!  Not just with eating healthy…but with a lot of other areas of my life!  Isn’t that what life is really all about?  Finding a balance between all the things we want to do and all the things we need to do?  For example, I love my “9-5” job…but when I am at work I am compromising because of course I would love to be home with my kiddos snuggling them!  But…without that job I wouldn’t have the nice, cozy house to snuggle them in!  Ahhhh…its all a game of give or take…essentially a balancing act!

Relationships also often require a lot of balancing to truly be fulfilling for all involved.  Unfortunately, it often ends up that someone in a relationship has to give more for too long which depletes the relationship of the benefiting factors that had once been present.  There are many different types relationships such as relationships with family members, authority figures such as a boss or teacher, friends, colleagues, significant others, etc.  The list can go on and on…and ultimately most of these relationships are unique and require a very specific type of balance to remain successful and positive.   The goal of a good relationship is for each individual involved to give and take equally…to create a partnership that allows each person support when it is needed.  This can most certainly be tricky…which is exactly why there are so many workplace upsets, lost loves, forgotten friendships.

So…how does one balance all of the various demands of life and relationships to lead a happy, healthy life?  There is one relationship I have not discussed…and it is the most important one!  Balancing, nourishing, and supporting the relationship with ourself is vital to the success of balancing everything else!  I have been missing this for many years…but not anymore!  This year I have been making it a point to take time to be good to me!  Since then, I have found myself less stressed, happier with my work, more patient with my kids, and more loving of my husband.

Life is always full of a lot of fluff…a lot of unneeded extra stress and distractions…so when you need a time out say yes to the marshmallows!!  This 10 minute cup of hot chocolate was one method of me taking care of myself that day…and the marshmallows were so necessary!  ❤️

Extra Marshmallows edited.jpg

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