have-joy-sunriseThe world is essentially one big illusion that can be seen how you choose to look at it.  We perceive others to have the illusion of a perfect life, perfect marriage, perfect house, perfect job, perfect financial management status, and on and on and on!  Do you remember looking at a book of optical illusion puzzles as a child?  Looking at a picture with others while trying not to let your eyes play tricks on you.  As an adult, it can often feel like our entire lives are filled with these puzzles that play tricks on our eyes and minds.

So…how does one weed out the illusions to see the real world while also allowing ourselves to also live within our own illusions to remain happy and content our current life situations?  As I follow friends on Facebook and cheer on their successes while also supporting and consoling those facing hardships…I find myself lost among the happy pictures of smiles and good times.  Can everyone really be this happy all the time?  Can all the moments with children be so great and heart warming?   Because…I know in my house the good times with my children are most certainly equal with the difficult times spent disciplining, scolding, just plain yelling, and crying (and yes…sometimes I am even the one doing the crying!!).  Being a parent isn’t easy…nor is being an adult in general!

Working, keeping up a house, balancing finances, nurturing relationships, etc. are all difficult time consuming things to do on a daily basis!  So why does the world of social media (which is simply what WE have made it) portray all of these things as easy?  Part of what I love about writing is my opportunity to express myself.  I most definitely love writing about happy times and successful times…but I also find it relaxing and somewhat freeing to write about my times of struggle!  In a world that presents illusions of perfect people leading perfect lives everywhere I am so happy to have the opportunity and courage to share my imperfections!  I am not perfect…nor do I hope to display an illusion of perfection!  I am real…and I am me.  I hope in this new year that more people realize and understand the importance stopping the spread of the “I’m perfect illusion”….instead show the world the real you!  Express yourself…share yourself…for in return you will be loved for who you really are!

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