2017 Vision

Just a short note…of the things to come from a deep vision of 2017!

2017 will be a year of hard work and success.  Life will be more busy, but simpler in many ways.  Simplifying every day, week, month, and ultimately the year by decluttering, organizing, and planning.  In the past, just doing these three things would lead to stress and anxiety…but not anymore!  Letting go is now going to be a daily habit.  As hard as it can be sometimes, it also gives a fantastic feeling of accomplishment!

2017 will bring an office space with organization to bring success with writing, blogging, and helping others.  There will be more free time to spend with the kids, and it will be quality time for snuggling, reading, and loving.

2017 will also bring about a time of renewed health while launching a new 4 week meal plan.  The goal will be to decrease the need for developing a plan for meals each week, allowing the opportunity to have a stress free plan in place to move forward with healthy eating.

Finally, 2017 will be a year of continuing to follow my heart and dreams…while teaching my babies how to build their own! ❤️

I have truly enjoyed spending time creating an action plan for paving a way to make all of the above dreams come true!  Excited to share this action plan method as we all jump start into the new year!  What is your vision for the new year?  Have you you been dreaming and listening to your heart to take action to create your ideal year?  If not, it is not too late to get started!  Sit down and write  (yes write…like with an old fashioned pen on a piece of paper) how your ideal year of 2017 will look for you!  Picture it, love it, and nurture that vision to make it a reality!




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