Living In the Shadows

Do you ever feel like you are just living in the shadows?  Catching a glimpse of sunlight you can find in between the shade provided by the trees on a sunny day?  Sure, an open street with only a few trees here or there may provide full exposure to the sunlight…allowing you to soak up the suns energy…but what about those very shady tree lined streets?  You stay cool and keep moving faster as you feel great walking in the shadows cast down by the trees!  They are shielding you from the suns harsh rays on a hot, sunny day. As you scurry from shadow to shadow on that walk to hurry through the spots where you feel the suns heat, have you ever thought about what you may be missing through the rush?

Imagine that in one of those sunny areas a beautiful flower is creeping up through a crack on the road.  A beautiful flower so tiny, yet strong enough to break through the pavement to show the world its beauty.  Now imagine your life…picture a typical day in your life and the million things you have to do and accomplish in that day.  Do you take time to find those tiny, yet resilient, flowers trying to get your attention?

Today was just such a fantastic day.  We woke up early and spent the day out and about with no definite plan of what we were to accomplish or a time line to accomplish it.  My husband and I took the kids shopping and out for lunch.  When we arrived home I decided to take my little guys out for a walk in the beautiful evening weather! The temp was about 75 and the sun was just starting to set.  As we walked, playing a game of who could be the most quiet so as not to disturb the nearby golfers, I stopped to take in the beautiful moment.  The sun was just beginning to hide behind a few trees, although I could see the beautiful  orange and yellow rays shine through.  There are so many times I rush through each day and moment to “cross something off the list”, but not today!  Today I took the time to enjoy the small moments, instead of living in the shadows of the mile long list of things I needed to complete.

I took a moment to see the beauty in the setting sun and the memories I was making with my little boys.  I saw Wyatt, my two-year-old running happily with his orange, aka his “ball”, that he picked from our orange tree.  I also had a lovely conversation with Jake, my three-year-old as he explained to me he needed to fly to “pensylvaspencer” to see his Grammy.  I continued this conversation to ask if he was going to hold his new cousin, due February 2017, which I was informed he couldn’t because then he would be a daddy…haha in which all I could do is hold in the laughter and find joy in how a three-year-old mind works!  I paused a moment to take a picture of the beautiful sunset and as we headed home I enjoyed the feel of the sun as it warmed my skin.

So many times we hear about the importance of enjoying the small things and counting our blessings.  We spend so much time living in the shadows of “things we need to do” that we rush through some of the moments that could be pivotal in our lives.  Taking time to enjoy the experiences in between what we consider our daily accomplishments, such as getting to work, attending a business meeting, making dinner, etc. can really provide such a remarkable feeling of warmth and joy.  Take the time to stop living in the shadows of responsibility and begin to take the time to enjoy the warmth of the sun as it shines through in those moments we often take for granted.  Take a walk, hug your babies (human or those of the fur baby variety), give your significant other a glance that you would have taken the time to give when you first met to express your love…enjoy the small moments in time that one day will provide the best memories.  Memories are just a snapshot in time…the glimpse of sunshine through the shade of the trees…that will provide an amazing opportunity to tuck away the warm feeling of a smile and joy.



One thought on “Living In the Shadows

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    As I sat here in the early morning light I decided to read through some of my previous posts. As I had already thought about my Saturday and all the things I “needed to do”, I came across this post and it seemed just perfect! It is a great reminder to just SLOW DOWN sometimes…


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