Just the Beginning

The beginning.  A fresh start.  The dawn of things to come. 

As I have started the process of launching my new site, I began to think of all the new things I have the opportunity of experiencing every day.  Each day, week, month, year provides a new start.  It is the beginning of things yet to come…things I haven’t even been able to fathom as a possibility for the future.  I have the ability to take each minute and hour and day and shape them into what I want.  So I have to ask…what shape will I give to my time?

I began blogging about one year ago; however, I was very inconsistent over the past year with updating the blog and writing in general.  Recently, over the past two months, I have decided to work to rebuild my online presence.  It can be difficult and overwhelming to find time to do all of the things we need and want to accomplish. Each day is made up of just 24 hours, 24 hours of time we have total control over how we fill the time.  To find time for my writing, I need to work to take control and fill my time with the things that are most important to me.

It is so challenging to be in control of our time when we have so many responsibilities we have to fulfill.  The key is building a life where the responsibilities we have and roles we fill are things we enjoy.  Designing our life to meet the needs of our family and our own needs while loving what we do is so important!  While I love my day job as an occupational therapist…my real passion and dream is to be a writer!  The bills need to be paid…and I love working in a job where I am able to give back each and every day by helping my patients achieve independence in the activities that are most important to them.  But if I were to dream…really DREAM big and imagine the perfect day, week, month…I would be a full time writer.  In addition to being a stay at home mom at least part time!

Now the hard part…how do I make that dream a reality!?  One day at a time…I just keep writing.  The thing about dreams is that they aren’t always easy to achieve.  Hard work and perseverance…dedication and consistency…but if the dream is really worth it then it won’t feel like work.  So here is a toast to my dream…to making writing a part of my reality!

Now it is your turn!  I challenge you…imagine your ideal day, month, year.  Not just a vacation, or happy moment in time that will one day become an amazing memory.  Think an average day being made up of everything you want it to be.  Imagine living your dream each and every day…so I challenge you to DREAM BIG!  Write that dream down…post it around where you will see it every day like in the bathroom mirror…and on the dashboard in your car.  Work for it and make a conscious effort to move one step closer to that dream every day.  The hard work will be worth it if it is truly the dream in your heart..

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